4D Quarter Horse Ranch - 4D
About Us....
4D Quarter Horse Ranch & Cattle Dogs is a quiet little ranch sitting on 60 acres located in the beautiful Williams Valley of Deer Park Washington. Our primary focus is our cow dogs however we also breed and raise Quarter Horses primarily for Roping and Barrel Racing. Our dogs are our personal family dogs, they live in the house, and all puppies are house raised around people, cats, and farm animals. After losing a couple precious goats we decided dairy goats just are not for us, however we do have our two "mascots"  Keeper and TinkerToy they will stay with us forever, Keeper was a bottle baby and was raised in our house, slept in our beds, even hung out on the couch with the heelers! After selling all the goats I decided Keeper needed a new friend other wise he would end up back on my couch with the dogs, so along came TinkerToy, she is a dappled Boer/Nubian, she will forever be Keeper's companion.
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